About Brandon Harris Construction

Welcome to Brandon Harris Construction, Inc., otherwise known as BHC, Inc.   We’re not going to bore you with the details of who we are and where we came from. In fact, if you have decided to read this page instead of being out riding quads or sitting by the fire with a cold brew then we better entertain you a bit.

These guys really enjoy what they do. Brandon, Tyson, Dillon, Joe, and the guys have made this company who we are today. Without Brandon’s amazing ability to answer phones at any time day or night, Tyson’s dedication to craftsmanship, Dillon’s charming good looks, Joe’s dog Murphy hanging out at every job, and Aaron’ s loyalty to his foreman we would just be like any other contractor up here. We are hardly that! Even through every rough day, come rain, SNOW, sun, or mud, these guys get it done. Sometimes it’s not even happy or fun, But they do it because they have integrity. We are all just people doing the best we can.

What a gift to be able to work in such an amazing environment. Amongst tall pines, lakes, streams, bold blue skies and fluffy Utah clouds. Each new day bringing pure beauty with each sunrise and sunset. It is with these thoughts that we decided to build our business, and therefore place roots here in Duck Creek Village. BHC is not just a construction company. It is a business built by strong family values and strong work ethics. To place our name on work we are proud to do. We enjoy the friends we’ve made along the way, and embrace the mistakes we’ve made to help us become better people and workers.

So go out and enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy doing! We don’t want you wasting your precious vacation time, especially when it comes to your projects. No matter how big or small. Call us, email us, let us do the stuff you can’t so you can enjoy this place for what it is.